Weird Waves – Season 2

We are exploring the outer realms of the surf world searching for the limits of surf culture. Does surfing and surf culture end once you walk off the beach? We’re not sure either… Join us on our alternative surfing adventure to find out…  WEIRD WAVES.

Episode 1.

The Weird Waves Crew wanted to start off season 2 with a bang. They may have taken the idea a little too literally by traveling to Alaska to potentially ride a wave made from falling ice, which makes a deafening crack with each piece of glacier that breaks off to form a wave… no biggie. In this episode they also check out what the locals on the Turnagain Arm are calling, ‘America’s longest wave.’ Saddle up, partners! Season Two of Weird Waves is coming in hot! Well… cold, actually.

Episode 2.

If you could travel back in time and see surfing in its infant state, what do you think you would see? Ever wonder what surfing was like in the golden ages back before contests and money, just for the pure stoke of surfing? In this episode of Weird Waves Dylan Graves and Dane Gudauskas intend to find out what tomorrow’s yesterday looks like when they land at the very exciting new surf community in Lagos, Nigeria.

Episode 3.

In this episode of Weird Waves Dylan Graves and the WW Crew prove ferry waves are real. We’re talking specifically about ferries that take people from the blue-collar town of Barreiro, Portugal to the capital city of Lisbon as a way to dodge morning traffic. The new wave generating boats have sparked a new surf community in an unlikely place. One person’s commuter traffic is another’s wonderland.

Episode 4.

Wave pools, a seemingly controversial topic in the surf world at the moment. Very polarizing responses regardless, no matter who you talk to… so with all the new technologies, pools and construction happening, Dylan Graves went in for a closer encounter of the artificial kind in the final episode of Season 2 of Weird Waves.