Virtual Art Gallery

Now, more than ever it’s important to be present and together but in a different way. Supporting the community of artists and makers, to hold up and entertain each other during this lockdown. To continue to stay active and keep everyone’s efforts and work thriving.
All the Art Work displayed in this Virtual Art Gallery has been kindly provided by generous artists who have been interpreting our logo in so many creatives way. Check them out.
Please click on each image to see the artist’s name.

Artists list and social links (in alphabetical order):

Alberto Giorgi / Alessandro Valenti  / Alessia Bertoni / Alexandro Calo / Andrea Vecchio / Aurora Cesari / Bo130 / Carlo Alberto Giordan / Claudia Pastori / Elisa Gatti / Emma Zazio / Fiumani / Giorgio Donghi / Giuseppe Gesuita / Greta Fassina / Jack Freckelton Sturla / Jessica Luce Puleo / Luca Charruaz / Lucrezia Lopresti / Luca Barcellona / Matteo Pitassi / Nico Bromo / Marco Renieri  / Oliver Lambert / Orlando Previ / Ruben Formenti / Stefano Cerioli